Wedding Music FAQs

We are planning on having our ceremony outside (weather permitting), Would it be possible for you to play for us outside?
Yes absolutely no problem! All I need is an electrical power supply . I can then use as many extension leads as necessary to where I am to be situated.
Will you play during the whole of our wedding from the ceremony, at the drinks reception and also during the wedding breakfast?
I am happy to play for all three aspects of your wedding or whichever aspect(s) you choose.
If we book you to play during our wedding breakfast are you able to supply a microphone for our speeches?
Yes absolutely. I can provide two cordless microphones. If it is a large venue/room I could also set up a larger sound system to make sure that all speeches can be heard clearly.
We would like a particular piece of music playing at our ceremony that does not show up within your repertoire. Will you be able to perform this piece of music for us and is there an extra charge for this?
Of course I can! The chances are that I would compose my own arrangement especially for your wedding and so I would like it if you told me your particular piece of music well in advance so that I can prepare for it. There is no extra charge for this.
Will you help us choose suitable pieces of music for our ceremony?
Yes of course I will. I can suggest various ideas to help you decide and even choose the music for you myself if you would prefer.
We would like to book you for our ceremony and drinks reception but the drinks reception is quite a long way from the ceremony room. Will there be much of a gap in the music between the ceremony and drinks reception?
No as I would set up a second sound system in the drinks reception area prior to the ceremony so I would be ready to go!
We would like some pre-recorded music played as part of our ceremony. Is it possible for you to do this?
Absolutely! I can use an mp3 player or laptop through my amplification. I also provide pre-recorded music like this in between performances so you are never left without any music.